Trenchless sewer line replacement using the pipe burst method is a cost efficient alternative to complete sewer line excavation. 

The Ditch Witch machine makes it possible to replace your sewer line without digging a giant trench and tearing up your yard in the process, and Bay Area Plumbing Now is excited to offer this amazing technology to our customers!

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The Pipe Burst Method

Utilizing a bursting head, the old pipe is broken up, and a new pipe is pulled through in it’s place. 

Strategic access points are dug around the old pipe to help guide the new pipe through the existing path. 

Compared to digging a giant trench, these access points will provide us with the access necessary to replace your sewer line, while leaving a much smaller footprint in your yard. 

If you have heavily landscaped your yard, or have other things in the path of where the trench would be placed, trenchless sewer line replacement is a great alternative.

By eliminating the trenching process, trenchless sewer replacement is much quicker and cheaper, and often leads to a better final result. 

Another option that is sometimes presented for repairing drain line issues is lining the old pipe. While this may be right for some situations, trenchless replacement via the pipe burst method will be a much better options for pipe that are in much worse shape, and would otherwise have to be removed via excavation. 


Contra Costa & Tri Valley - 925.395.0672
Oakland & Alameda County - 510.938.0693
San Francisco - 415.532.6561



    Contra Costa / Tri Valley – 925.395.0672
    Oakland / Alameda County – 510.938.0693
    San Francisco – 415.532.6561